Reading is great!  I have always loved to read.  It seems that I am always reading something…newspapers, magazines, the Internet and, of course, BOOKS!  For many years I managed a bookstore and really enjoyed it.  Now I manage this website about books.  And I love it.

I hope you will comment on the blogs that are written here.  And if you have suggestions on topics to write about, I would certainly welcome your input.  In many blogs I will be referencing an author, an article, a quote, etc.  If you are the person who wrote the referenced item, and do not want your name or writing quoted, please let me know and I will definitely remove it.  This is designed to be a fun place to read about reading… WELCOME!

Columbiabookseller does sell books on  In most cases, when columbiabookseller refers to a book on this website, the link will take you to that book on’s website, where you can review it and purchase it if you wish.  We sell a variety of types and genres of books on Columbiabookseller.  We are not endorsing a book by selling it, rather we are making books available to the reading world!