In the Tuesday January 27, 2009 issue of Shelf Awareness, I came across an ad for a book on achieving happiness that looked very good.  The book is titled A Course in Happiness: Mastering the 3 Levels of Self-Understanding That Lead to True and Lasting Contentment and it is written by Mardi Horowitz, MD. 

Upon reading the ad from the publisher, Penguin, and the listing on, I quicky realized that this sounded like a quality, well-written self-help book.  It hasn’t been promoted on Oprah, but the book sounds like it would be a great read!  There was only one review of the book on and the reader said they read the book in one sitting and then spent one afternoon reading the book aloud with a friend and discussing it.  The reader gave the book a 5 Star Rating (Amazon’s hightest). 

The book ties together 3 “I’s”:  Integration, Intimacy and Integrity as the way to happiness.  This sounds like one more book to read to challenge us to live full and fulfilled lives.  In the ad for book, Irvin Yalom, author of Staring at the Sun, says this book is “wise counsel from one of America’s most respected psychiatrists”. 

I am putting the book on my list of books to read in the near future.  Funny how that list gets longer and longer!